Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh the glamorous life I lead. . .

I have to say that writing does detract from your social life. This weekend will mark another two days of staying in and finishing chapters instead of going out. Next week I will be looking at saris for my friend’s upcoming wedding which I am really excited about. She is the complete opposite of a bridezilla, in fact, she even told us that we could wear any color we wanted though I find it hard to go against what she would really want. I have never tried a sari on before so I am so ready to see what that’s like.

Last weekend I did watch the Dark Knight Rises which I was not so excited to see after the Aurora incident. I told my boyfriend before they mentioned it that the guy must have thought he was a Batman villain and low and behold he comes out calling himself the Joker. This is one reason why I stress the idea of having a strong mental health system. Even here in Miami when that man was attacked and had his face completely ripped off it was revealed that no drugs were in the attacker’s body but he did have a history of schizophrenia.

So yeah, I am doing chapter eight right now in the second book and I have it laid out but I will be working on it on Saturday and Sunday which is why I will not be going anywhere and will probably do my laundry on Friday so it is one less chore to take care of. *sigh*