Saturday, December 29, 2012


Incendio is finally up on Amazon, yesterday was so stressful waiting for it to go live, I was getting a bit nerve-wracked. So this is the last book for the series, or at least I intended it to be. Some people have asked why I haven't turned this into a trilogy. To be honest, I didn't think the story needed three parts to it. When I imagined it all, it was a very basic story about a young girl being thrown into a new world and having to adapt to it. I've considered continuing the series, perhaps using another character from the story, but I'm working on some other ideas right now which I want to complete before I start on a third book in this series.
The second book doesn't have a lot of love scenes (which I think might disappoint people, sorry guys!) and the reason for that is that I want this to be Leito's story. Aidan is the one that gives her wings, but now she must learn to fly on her own. Incendio is a lot darker than Baptism of Fire but I hope people can appreciate that as well. Sometimes we need the darkness to appreciate the light and I wanted to express that here. That’s just my opinion anyway.
I’ll most likely be holding a giveaway soon, once I finish setting up the book on Createspace and one lucky winner will get a paperback copy of both Baptism of Fire and Incendio. I seriously can’t wait for that! Stay tuned folks!



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why Indies Rock!

Why do indie author’s rock?

Well, the fact of the matter is that being an indie author isn’t the easiest, but there are lots of things that make it a really rewarding experience. Some people might think that it’s not worth all the effort that goes into it, and trust me, there’s so much that goes on that you find yourself wishing there were 30 hour days just to get everything done.

When you’re indie, I think you interact with a lot more people and not just your fans; I’m talking about bloggers, editors, and cover designers. I’ve met so many people through this process, really amazing people that just make me thankful I decided to go through with indie publishing.

When you’re an indie author you have a lot more freedom than mainstream authors would. You get to decide everything, from the type of cover you want, to your title, character development, the world is your oyster. You also get to decide how it’s marketed, which tends to be the most difficult aspect of self-publishing but at the same time, you make the decisions about what goes on with your book.

I think you also tend to be prouder of yourself when you manage to do all these things on your own. You don’t just write your book, you do all the laborious aspects that most published authors never get to see or do. When you finally hold that book in your hands, you know the amount of blood, sweat, tears, and time that went into it and it makes it absolutely worthwhile when it all comes together so beautifully.

In the end, indie author’s definitely rock because they’re paving the way for a whole new way of publishing. So much so that regular publishing companies are now looking at what they can do to keep their own sales up. With all the self-published authors out there, there’s no telling how many amazing stories we’re going to get now that anyone can tell them.