Saturday, December 29, 2012


Incendio is finally up on Amazon, yesterday was so stressful waiting for it to go live, I was getting a bit nerve-wracked. So this is the last book for the series, or at least I intended it to be. Some people have asked why I haven't turned this into a trilogy. To be honest, I didn't think the story needed three parts to it. When I imagined it all, it was a very basic story about a young girl being thrown into a new world and having to adapt to it. I've considered continuing the series, perhaps using another character from the story, but I'm working on some other ideas right now which I want to complete before I start on a third book in this series.
The second book doesn't have a lot of love scenes (which I think might disappoint people, sorry guys!) and the reason for that is that I want this to be Leito's story. Aidan is the one that gives her wings, but now she must learn to fly on her own. Incendio is a lot darker than Baptism of Fire but I hope people can appreciate that as well. Sometimes we need the darkness to appreciate the light and I wanted to express that here. That’s just my opinion anyway.
I’ll most likely be holding a giveaway soon, once I finish setting up the book on Createspace and one lucky winner will get a paperback copy of both Baptism of Fire and Incendio. I seriously can’t wait for that! Stay tuned folks!



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