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Release Day Blitz: Interview and Review for Damaged by Becca Vincenza

 Damaged by BeccaVincenza

There are some beings in this world, long thought to be
extinct. Some seek to protect them, others want control, but some . . . some
are hell bent on their destruction.
Audrey was taken from her father, hidden away from the world,
and tortured for five years. She was rescued, but is she really safe, or is
there someone else waiting to betray her? Can she trust those who saved her?
Can she learn to accept who she really is?
Stone was on a routine mission to extract valuable information
from a rival clan of paranormals. Instead, he and his team find something much
more valuable: a scarred, damaged young woman who holds many secrets, and whose
power is beyond anything they could ever have imagined.There is much more to
Audrey than meets the eye and Stone is determined to protect her.

Audrey and Stone are about to find out it’s hard to know who
to trust.

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the author:

Oh jeez…do you know how many people I told I didn’t
want to write this? So here is the one my friend made me:
BeccaVincenza lives in wonderful Michigan. She has
a love for Skittles, rainbows, Star Wars, *giggles* and Hot Men. She spends
time in her basement with Airicka… Apparently that’s where the best ideas come
Any who….she loves meeting new people, so feel free
to message her on Facebook and friend her on Goodreads!
Although her phone number will not be given out
because, well…she doesn’t like heavy breathing.
So a sort of serious one: For real, I am a geek. I
grew up watching Star Wars, and my father read Lord of the Rings to us, along
with the C. S. Lewis series. I love to write. In all honesty, it took me a lot
of work to get where I am today and I don’t regret a moment of it. Reading and
writing are honestly the best things ever. I couldn’t be happier that my
parents put me through so much extra help. Anyways! Me, me, me…. Huh…I love
paranormal stuff…Love it.
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Interview with Becca Vincenza 

How did you come up with the concept of having all these supernatural in one story?
Hahaha, that is a good question. I love all paranormal creatures. And I don’t know some of them sort of came to be because it fit the story better. Honestly I just wanted to write about a diverse amount of paranormals and try to find some that I hadn’t seen a lot of.

What is the hardest thing about writing?
Facebook. The devil…But for reals, it’s usually the small things for me. I am pantser or something like that, so I sort of just write as it comes. I do small outlines of points that I want to hit but other than that I just go with the flow. If I am not inspired forcing my hand with no real direction can become a huge problem.

Which character was the most entertaining to write? Why?
Everyone asks me that and the answer is always Elijah. He isn’t even a major character in book one but he is a fun character to write as. He has a strange sense of humor and messes with my sleep schedule but I think that he is one of the hardest but most entertaining character to write as.

If you could be any of your characters, who would you be and why?
This would be a character in book two that you don’t meet until book two. So her, but I don’t want to give too much away, so I would have to say Nixie. Nixie is a really bubbly fun character but she is fiercely loyal and just so much fun.

What do you think is the coolest supernatural being and why?
Ever? There are two that I love beyond love. Well three. Dragon-shifters, Phoenixes, and werewolves. Oh yes I am a werewolf girl. I love dragons they are really cool creatures and I mean so, so, just kickass! I haven’t introduced the phoenixes in my book yet but I really like my “take” on them, but in generals I like them as well. The idea of a bird that is practically made of fire, and can be reborn from their own ashes.Super cool.

How much research took place during the writing process?
For me? Not a whole lot. Since I do introduce crazy, weird paranormals though I did a lot of folklore research in places like Romania. I wanted to do something different, I wanted new types of paranormals as the main focus. Some things I already knew because I love all paranormal stuff, but other legends like I mentioned with the phoenixes I am taking old ideas and twisting them to my own ideas so that is completely me with a bit of already known knowledge.

Which character was the most difficult to write?
I think Stone. This was the first time I had attempted to write in a male’s POV. All the other works I had worked on before, it was always a female lead and always only in her point of view. So writing as a boy was a bit of a challenge, and he was especially difficult. He has convinced himself so thoroughly that he is the worst person – he really isn’t – that he frustrated me sometimes. Elijah is the same way as fun as it is to write as him, it’s damn difficult as he doesn’t feel or think quite the same way as others do.

What sort of message do you think your book sends to the audience?
I hope it sends out a couple of different things: you are never broken, things will get better. Second: there is a lot of elitism with some of the paranormals so I hope it shows that I am trying to show that we are all equal… gets off soap box hahaha.

How many books do you plan to have in your series and can you tell us a little about them?
For you, of course, dear. So as of right now there will be 5 full length novels (including Damaged). And one sort of prequel novella.
Book 1: Damaged is in Audrey and Stone’s POV – must be read first in the series.
Book 2: Healed which is my work in progress – it’s almost finished *woot woot*. This is in Elijah and Valentine’s POv (you Val in the second book)
Book 3: Broken – Nixie and Dallas’ book. (as of right now I am seeing it that either book two or three can be read after Damaged. But Healed must be read before book four).
Book 4: Tamed - Amani and Rex *name might change*. Amani you meet in book two. Rex is new to the series.
Book 5: Burned - Marcus (yes from book one) and Camilla *name might change* This at the moment is the conclusion in the series this is subject to change.
The sort of prequel: Stolen - This book can be read at any time (after its released) I would recommend reading after book one. This is Xavier and Drake’s story (two characters you meet in book one – hence why it should be read after book one) This is a story that begins BEFORE the events in book one, and occur up until the end of book one.

If you could pick actors to play Audrey and Stone, who would you choose?
Pfft that is a good question…. I never really thought about it before. I have “casting shots” but they are models I found XD. Um for actors though…hmm…good question.
Audrey: Emily Browning (the girl from Sucker punch, the Uninvited)
Stone: Kit Harington (Jon Snow) 

Video Review of Damaged by Becca Vincenza

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