Monday, September 24, 2012

Dream Cast for Baptism of Fire

So this is a list of actors that I could invision playing the characters from Baptism of Fire. I'm sure lots of authors fantasize about who they would like to see play their characters and I just thought it would be fun to share this. I don't own any of these photos and this is soley for entertainment purposes. Enjoy!
Imogen Poots as Leito
Leito is stubborn and brash which is rare for a woman of her time. She also is loyal towards those she cares about and sacrifices herself to save her village. Leito is not afraid of hard work and takes on any responsibilities she is given.
          Taylor Kitsch as Aidan
Aidan has dealt with a lot of pain and hides his real feelings most of the time. He wants to be more like Cillian: sociable and charming, but the scars of his past prevent him from opening up and allowing others to see his vulnerable side.
      Alice Evans as Naomi
Naomi is like a mother figure to Leito. She worries about her family and tries to keep a brave face for them though she is one of the most affected by the events of the book.
 Sean Bean as Draven
Draven carries a great deal of pain inside of him and much like Aidan he keeps his feelings hidden. He is a dragon slayer but feels no real joy in killing dragons. He tries to forget his wife through drinking and hunting.
Joseph Morgan as Arkam
Arkam is just as brash as Leito and is protective of his family as well. He is impulsive and a bit reckless but means well and loves his family.
Jack Huston as Cillian
Cillian is a charmer and a bit rebellious. He loves pushing people’s buttons, especially Aidan’s.
Gabrielle Union as Kaida
Kaida is a bit of a hermit though she does enjoy the company of others. She is helpful and wise and plays a big role in her community.
Ken Watanabe as Raven
Raven is sweet natured and caring. He loves his friends and tries to be as welcoming as possible.
Idris Elba as Donovan
Donovan is a natural born leader. He is fair and kind and prefers dealing with matters in a nonviolent manner though if someone forces his hand he is not afraid to step forward and fight.
Katerina Graham as Silotte
Silotte is Donovan’s only child and has a very shy and sweet disposition. She befriends Leito right away.
Peter Facinelli as Valdis
Valdis is the strong and silent type for the most part. Unlike Cillian or Raven he is more brawn than brains but is rather easy going and not confrontational.
Charlize Theron as Pandora
Pandora is Donovan’s mate and Silotte’s mother. She is a bit more vicious than the rest of her family and isn’t afraid to take charge when necessary.
Gong Li as Efina
Efina is regal, wise, and one of the stronger females. She readily wishes to help others and has somewhat painful past.
Shu Qi as Kao
Kao is Efina’s cousin and is less graceful and refined as her cousin. She is more talkative and eager to share her thoughts.
Eva Green as Vesta
Vesta is Cillian’s sister. She is the complete opposite of her brother in every way.

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