Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just some info. . .

First off,

My friends have been so amazingly supportive, I never expected to get this sort of reaction and like the Grinch my heart has grown three sizes this weekend! For those of you reading this, you've made this transition so much easier. I was sort of going into a state of panic as I uploaded the book, thinking, "Dear God, I can't believe this is happening, what if this is a total failure!" But everyone's positive words of encouragement helped calm these negative thoughts that sometimes like to seep inside your mind even when you love your book. So thanks again everyone!

Just some quick announcements:

The book is officially up on Amazon and here's the link:


The lovely Ashley of Bookish Brunette also was kind enough to give my book a mention which I again cannot thank her enough for!!

 On a more serious note, today is 9/11, and I can't believe that it has been over a decade since we watch this horrible event unfold. I still remember watching the towers going down in AP Bio and thinking, "This isn't really happening." My heart goes out to the victim's families and friends who will be remembering and mourning today.

Lots of love,


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