Friday, March 15, 2013

Fandom Friday: Disney


Today I’m going to talk about something that I’ve probably had an obsession with since I was a child, then again, what kid doesn’t love Disney! I don’t think I ever grew out of the whole thing. I still get excited to meet characters in the parks, I still go to see the movies in theaters when they come out, I love everything about Disney.  Anybody that knows me well knows I’m a sucker for anything Disney related. Luckily I live in Florida and have easy access to it because every six months I need a Disney fix.

My favorite time to go is October/November, mostly because of Disney’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, which has to be one of the most amazing things offered at the parks. Children can dress up all year and gallivant around Magic Kingdom in their favorite costume, but the adults get the short end of the stick here. However, right around Halloween, Disney lets adults dress up too and it is one hell of a party. For starters they have characters that rarely or never come out during the year (Seven Dwarfs) and also famous Disney villains like Maleficent.  They have loads of candy, special fireworks and parades and décor specific for the holiday. There’s nothing like it!

As for Disney Princesses, well Belle and Merida have to be at the top of my list, though I have a soft spot for all of them. Belle was a bookworm like me, and I love that she ends up falling in love gradually with her Beast instead of that Insta-love that seems to be a trend with princesses (Baptism of Fire was influenced a bit by their story). Merida is just a badass and I love her rebellious nature.

My favorite Disney movies have to be Lady and the Tramp, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan. I love all the Disney movies and own most of them but these just always held a special place in my heart.

As for the rides, I LOVE the Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom, Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom, Maelstrom at Epcot, and Star Tours at Hollywood Studios. Anything that is dark and not too much like a rollercoaster works for me since I’m a total chicken and even get scared on the kiddie coasters, lol!

This weekend I’ll be staying in Port Orleans Riverside, which is my first time staying at a Disney Resort. They’re usually really expensive. I’ve decided to treat myself for my birthday this year! :o) Anyone else a big fan of Disney? Let me know in the comments below!

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