Sunday, March 10, 2013

Soundtrack Soundtrack: Hello My Old Heart

Hello My Old Heart by The Oh Hello's
hello, my old heart
how have you been?
are you still there inside my chest?
I've been so worried
you've been so still
barely beating at all

oh, don't leave me here alone
don't tell me that we've grown for having loved a little while
oh, I don't want to be alone
I want to find a home and I want to share it with you

hello, my old heart
it's been so long
since I've given you away
and every day I add another stone
to the walls I built around you
to keep you safe

hello, my old heart
how have you been?
how is it, being locked away?
don't you worry
in there, you're safe
and it's true you'll never beat, but you'll never break

because nothing lasts forever
some things aren't meant to be
but you'll never find the answers
until you set your old heart free

So this is one of the songs I’ve been playing a lot while writing Pygmalia. I really love it because it just describes the loneliness my two main characters feel.  The lyrics are beautiful and the music is just so soulful, especially towards the end.
I feel this song about protecting one’s heart and about dealing with the pain of loneliness but not giving up hope on finding love. Lily feels very isolated when she first meets Adam and she’s completely closed herself off to others because of her history. Even though she cares about her mother, brother, and step-father, she sees herself as an island until Adam comes into her life. Because of what happens to Adam in Pygmalia, he loses his ability to feel, but something about Lily awakens that side of him again. His heart, which was locked away before, is released by her.

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