Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spotlight Saturday: Sabrina Ford (Sabrina's Paranormal Palace)

This Spotlight Saturday we have the lovely and awesome Sabrina Ford of Sabrina’s Paranormal Palace! Sabrina writes book reviews for her personal blog and she also contributes to Paranormal Reads. She LOVES books, especially the ones about creatures that “go bump in the night.” Sabrina is also an avid Halloween enthusiast (check out her wicked pictures of her lawn on FB) and has even met the sultry and sassy Elvira (jealous!).
Sabrina has been sweet enough to grant me an interview and here is what she had to say:

What is your favorite genre to read?
I love to read Paranormal Romance.

What is your biggest pet peeve about writers/books?
My biggest pet peeve is when an author leaves their book with a huge cliff hanger and I have to wait a year or longer for the next book. I have a huge love/hate relationship with cliff hangers. Lol!!

What about a book just hooks you in?
As bad as this is I am a cover junkie. I look at the cover first then I flip the book over and read the back to see if it’s sounds like a book I would read.

Do you have a favorite book boyfriend/girlfriend?
Oh this is so hard cause I have so many book boyfriends. Can I cheat and say who some of my favorite ones are? Lol! I would have to say Bones from Night Huntress, Eric from Sookie Stackhouse, Micah from Road to Hell series, Ethan from Chicagoland Vampires, Adam from Mercy Thompson, Oliver from Brookehaven Vampires, David from Creatura, Hunter from Academy of the Fallen, and Aiden from Baptism of Fire just to name a few but seriously I could keep going on.

What made you decide to start blogging about books?
I became an admin on a book page and started reviewing books and from there I became a blogger and I love it. Even when blogger is not cooperating with me.

How many books on average do you read a week?
I can read anywhere from 3 to 7 books a week.

Are you an emotional reader, i.e. do you cry, get angry, laugh out loud, etc?
Yes I am. I have found myself laughing out loud and people look at me like I have lost my mind, I have even thrown a book or two when a character I love has been killed or a character is being a jerk, but recently there have been some books that have brought me to tears and that is a new emotion from me when I read books. But I get so wrapped up in the world and the characters that I feel like I know them.

Can you remember the first time you read a book on your own? If so which book was it?
Yes I can I was 4 and it was a Dr. Seuss book

Who is your favorite hero/heroine?
I have quite a few that I love but one that stands out for me is Z from Black Dagger Brotherhood. For a heroine again I have so many but I love Cat from Night Huntress.

What villain do you love to hate?

I wouldn’t call him a villain but a lot of others do and his name is Elias from Road to Hell series. I just love him and his evil ways.

I can’t thank Sabrina enough for setting aside time from reading and blogging to answer these questions!
If you want to check out some of Sabrina’s awesome reviews, blog tours, and giveaways head on over to Sabrina's Paranormal Reads and like her on Facebook!


  1. Great interview! I love Sabrina!

  2. What an awesome interview! Thanks for spotlighting one of my fave blogger buddies! Great blog btw!