Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reveal Thursday: Pygmalia Characters

Before I ever get started on a book, I like to find actors and actresses that look like the characters I'm envisioning in my head. I guess it's just a weird habit of mine, but I know other authors do it as well. This week’s reveal is of who I picture in my mind as I write Pygmalia. These aren't all the characters, but just the ones we see most of in the first book. Let me know what you think! xo

Lily Collins as Lily Fairfax (I didn't realize I gave her the same name until after I picked her out, lol!)

 Adam (Prototype 78) played by Alex Pettyfer
Colin Firth as Dr. Edmund Fairfax (Lily’s father)


 Helen Miren as Celeste Fairfax (Lily's grandmother)


 Jonathan Firth as Frederick Fairfax (Edmund's brother and Lily's uncle)

Virgil Gulliver (family driver)

Karen (Lily's Mother)
Below is the Fairfax home in England. I imagined the gardens less lush and well-kept but the house looks about right. This is Cragside, a county home in Northumberland. I based a lot of the Lily's family history on William George Armstrong, the owner. He was a British industrialist and engineer, as well as an inventor, much like Lily's father. He also had a great influence on gun production and design and was considered a very successful arms manufacture. I wanted the house to be creepy and dark and I think this fits the bill.

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