Friday, March 1, 2013

Fandom Friday: The Walking Dead

This is Fandom Friday where I discuss different fandoms I love. Today it’s *drumroll* THE WALKING DEAD!
The Walking Dead has to be one of my favorite things ever; I just love everything about the show from the psychological breakdowns, to the gnarly zombies, and the badass characters that turn me into a cheerleader every Sunday. Watching this show sometimes puts me in such a state of panic that I have to learn to control my anxiety but that’s what I love about it. It’s rare that a TV show/comic can evoke such an emotional reaction.
My favorite characters have to be Daryl and Michonne. Why? Well, how can you not like them? They kick more ass than a Chuck Norris joke. What I love is how they are not only tough but they are good natured as well. In a world like that, someone with their skills and bravado could take down the weaker but they choose to care for them instead. They are dependable too (something you need in a zombie apocalypse) and they’re survivors. I like characters that have many layers to them and these two are just so complex. I have to say that I’m also partial to Hershel who is just  so kind and wise, he makes you wish he were your grandpa.
One of my favorite episodes has to be the first season’s “Vatos,” just because we find out that not everyone or everything is as it seems. On a rescue mission to find a missing member of the group (who many wouldn’t mind if he stayed missing) they have a run in with some shady individuals. These “Vatos” take one of their party hostage in exchange for weapons that Rick brought with him from the police station. The end is just epically insane.  The third season has had some real gems as well, and has become my favorite season thus far. I was watching episodes from the first season and love how different the characters, settings, and dynamics have changed. It’s almost like watching a different show each season.  
The only thing about the series and the comics that is not so great is that no one is safe. No matter how likeable a character is, they still can die, which really tears at your heart strings when they do get killed. It’s hard being invested in characters who are living in a zombie apocalypse.
Are any of you out there fans of the show? Any predictions about this season? I have a feeling they might not kill off all those characters at the end of the season like they did in the comics. At least I’m hoping they won’t or I’ll be crying for weeks depending on who dies. I hope I haven’t spoiled anything for those of you that might want to start watching after reading this. I tried to keep the spoilers to a minimum! :oP

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